C12 Twin Cities

An Ethos of Transformation Through a Powerful Group of Peers
Be challenged and held accountable to run your business in a way that honors Christ and teaches you how to steward your company.
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Impact the World by Leading a Great Business

We help you grow alongside other hungry leaders by learning how to get enough of the right people on the bus in your business and in the right seat on the bus and then steering in the right direction. We help you evaluate your products and services offered as to whether they support your mission and long term vision.  We help you ensure that flourishing employees and their families advance the goals of your company. We help you serve your customers, vendors and other stakeholders in a way that displays the love of Jesus.
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Simon Lee

CEO @ Buy on Purpose
C12 meetings are perfectly balanced from a biblical and business perspective. Because of the practicality, C12 has been instrumental in our company’s transformation. Our company is vastly different from 8 years ago before I joined C12.
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Join Results-Driven Peers in Making a Difference

Looking for a transformation in the organizational development of your business? If you're a faith-driven leader looking to make an impact on the world, C12 Minnesota can help you take the next step in your faith journey.
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1. Mission

We equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

2. Vision

To change the world by advancing the Gospel in the marketplace.

3. Doctrine

Jesus Christ is Lord. The whole bible is wholly true. God has an eternal plan for each believer's life, and that plan includes their business.

Meet the Twin Cities C12 Chair

David Fergus

David Fergus is the facilitator of one-on-one and group meetings for C12 MN. His experience in management and as a business owner, along with his positive outlook on life allows for peer relationships to grow and flourish.
C12 MN is not a business bible study or a Christian business networking group.

C12 is an architected environment for transformation. With no margin, there is no mission.